UPDATE: Since I posted this article, the movie has taken a bit of a backseat. It’s taking longer than I anticipated and my overall creative vision for it has changed a lot, so I’m taking a bit of a break on it until I can figure it all out. I’m still working on T1 a lot though!

Where have we been?

Hey everyone, it’s Matthew. I wanted to give all of you a bit of an explanation why we haven’t been making a whole bunch of progress on T1 recently.

Right now, I’m taking nine courses for school right now, and a couple of them are pretty intense so on any given weekday I’m probably working on schoolwork for about 9-10 hours, then probably at least 2 hours on weekends.

By the time I’m done with my work for the day, I’m pretty exhausted so you can imagine I’m usually not very motivated to do more work.

I do feel really bad that I haven’t been able to work on T1 that much, but frankly, my wellbeing comes first. I do wish I could work on it more, but I’m afraid it would take a serious toll on me with everything else I’m doing right now.

Most of my classes end in May, so I’ll be able to dedicate a lot of time to working on T1 through the summer.

One of my friends is interested in going into game development too, so I’ve been talking with him seeing if he’d be interested in joining the team! He’d mostly be focused on the art side of things, which is perfect timing since we need a lot of art done. I’ll let you all know if he does end up joining the team!

I’ve also been working on another project which has taken a bit of time away from T1.

Our Big Announcement!

We’re making a movie!


A man travels across the country to spread his sister’s ashes.

I’ve been watching nearly all of Joel Haver’s films recently and was really inspired to create my own. (P.S. if you haven’t watched any of his films, I highly recommend them! I recommend starting with Pretend That You Love Me).

I figured it would be a good chance to take a bit of a break from T1 and keep my creative juices flowing, but not taking me away from T1 for too long.

I’ve already started filming but since I still have to work around school, I don’t know how much longer it will take. I’m going to be shooting most of the scenes in and around Boise, so it’s not like it will take me an incredibly long time to shoot it.

Y’know our tagline on the website is “A different kind of game studio”, which I think is especially true now! We’re really different because we’ll be releasing our first movie before we’ve released any games!

Writing devlogs and the articles for the site does take quite a bit of time. I’m wanting to keep up the schedule I’ve set for myself, but there’s a good chance posts may be a bit inconsistent for a bit. Until school and the movie are done, it will probably just be updates for now. Sorry about that!

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this project turns out and I really hope you all like it when we finally end up releasing it!

‘Till next time!