Hello again!

Life’s been super busy, so we haven’t been able to dedicate a whole bunch of time to T1, but we try to whenever we can! Don’t expect there to be a whole bunch of new stuff this month, we’ve been up to our necks in schoolwork. Super sorry about this, hopefully, it isn’t as busy soon!


Nearly all of our effort has been focused on art. We’ve been working on a bunch of furniture and decorations for the Cabin, below you can see some of the art we’ve made!

In our last devlog, you were able to see the current layout of the Cabin. What you see above is a general idea of how customization will progress for each room. We don’t want to show off too much, so we’ll just show you one of these rooms (psst… if you watch one of our Twitch streams, you may be able to see a bit more…)

You may notice in the pictures above that we also made some posters players will be able to buy and display in their rooms! All of them are based on real-world stuff. See if you can figure out what each one is!


Numbering goes across then down, so the top left is 1, the top middle left is 2, and so on.

1: Magic Sword (They’re a super cool band actually local to Boise! I saw them at a show they played in Boise, it was pretty awesome!)
2: Metallica – Ride the Lightning
3: Pup – Morbid Stuff
4: The White Stripes – White Blood Cells
5: Jakey – Romcom
6: Mannequin Pussy – Patience
7: Muse – The Resistance
8: Run The Jewels – RTJ4
9: Naked Giants – The Shadow
10: Downcoast – Film Run Backwards (This one is actually David’s band, check them out, they’re super good!)
11: Retro (This is actually the logo for the first game I made and released)
12: Mr. Robot

The Studio

Like I said earlier, we’ve been super busy so we haven’t had much time to dedicate to the studio.

Also, make sure to follow our Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter if you haven’t already!

Our Plan For The Next Month

We’ve all been super busy recently, and that’s likely to continue for a while so updates about T1 may not have as much. We’re really sorry about this, but there’s not much we can do. Matthew is also working on a new creative project (not related to 8 Ball Studios). It’s not as big as T1, but it will take a bit of time away from development. Hopefully, we’ll be able to say more about it soon! We’re really excited for it.

Like this month, next month will probably also be focused on art. We’ve still got a lot of art left for the Cabin, so expect to see some more of that coming up.

Until next month!