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Maeby (2)

founder, owner, director


Hey there! I’m Mae Bridgeman, founder of 8 Ball Studios. On the team I wear many hats: design, programming, art, audio, you name it.

Video games are capable of evoking intense emotion and creating experiences unique to the medium. This is a power I intend to harness as both the owner of 8 Ball Studios and an avid gamer. We’re on the road to creating something truly special and I can’t wait to see where that leads!


David 768x768 (2)

web designer, administration


Hi, my name’s David. I made the website you’re looking at right now, among many others at my design company Pink Robot Studios.

Mae is the real brains of the operation here at 8 Ball Studios, but I’m here to help out in any way I can. Whether that be coming up with ideas for T1 or playtesting, I’m around somehow. After seeing what Mae has so far of T1, I can safely say it’s going to be incredible!

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