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See With Your Ears

In this mysterious post-apocalyptic world, only those who are blind may return to the surface. What they find are abandoned locations frozen in time, resources ripe for the picking, and dangerous monstrosities that remain.

Equipped with only your wits and expertise in echolocation, control one of these adventurers and pray you don’t fall victim to what you can’t hear.

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Explore Abandoned Locations

Explore abandoned locations and discover the story, secrets, and dangerous inhabitants that remain in these mysterious locations.

With resources, enemies, and the existence of entire rooms randomized, no two explorations of the same location will be identical.

Discover The Secrets Of The World

There are theories as to what caused the surface to be uninhabitable, but nobody knows for sure. As you explore, collect and listen to cassette tapes recorded by those unfortunate enough to be alive when being on the surface became a death trap.

Slowly unravel the mysteries of the world, and the stories of those who have come before you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Project Toph?

8 Ball Studios’ Project Toph is a horror game currently in development.

In this game, you will use the power of echolocation to explore locations, gather resources, complete objectives, and avoid dangerous enemies.

Between runs, you will return to your bunker and trade resources for useful tools to aid your exploration.

There’s a lot more to the game than that, but it’s still early in development and we don’t want to reveal too much right now.

Who is making the game?

You can learn about everyone on the team on the About page. You could use the menu or click on this conveniently-placed button to go there.

When does it come out?

When it’s ready.

We prefer to work in peace, without the pressure of a release date. Plus, considering how many games have come out recently that clearly needed more time in development – we’re not keen on adding Project Toph to the list. We’re big believers in making sure players get the best experience for the money they spend, and if the game is buggy and unfinished upon release, we’d be doing the players a disservice.

How long has it been in development?

Since January 2024. After releasing Retro back in February 2020, Mae worked on a bunch of different prototypes until starting work on Project Toph . We’re still full-time students so we can’t dedicate all of our time to the development of Project Toph, but we spend much of the free time we have on it.

Is it multiplayer?

Not yet! So far, it’s just single-player. We’re trying to make it so multiplayer is possible in the future. The thing is, implementing multiplayer is pretty tough and takes a lot of time. If there is a lot of interest in multiplayer, we’ll start working on it! Chances are if it happens, it may be released as an update after release.

Which platforms will it come out on?

We’re 100% certain it will come out on PC. If the game does well, we will do our best to bring it to other major platforms as well (maybe even VR!)

What engine is it being made in?

Unity, using C# as the primary programming language.

Any other questions?

If you have any more questions, feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

coming soon.

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