Hello World!

I’m Matthew – the founder of 8 Ball Studios.

I’ve always loved video games. Back when I was a kid, I remember playing Call of Duty zombies on Kino der Toten with one of my closest friends for hours at a time. However, it wasn’t until my brother brought home Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune one day that I started to understand the creative possibilities games provide, especially in their narratives.

As time progressed, I started seeing more of what video games can accomplish. I remember playing the rest of the Uncharted series and being astounded at what it was able to do.

Recently, I have started a list of video games whose narratives and themes absolutely blew me away. This list includes (but is certainly not limited to!) The Last of Us, God of War (2018), Hotline Miami, Bioshock, and so many more. Each of these games has impacted me and convinced me that video games are capable of something greater.

I truly believe video games can tell personal, emotional, and thought-provoking stories on a level that isn’t achievable by any other medium. I’ve been a creative person and have had a desire to tell stories since I was a little kid, and the opportunity to combine that with video games is something that is perfect for me.

I’ve been an indie game developer for years now. I released my first game, Retro, back in February 2020. Since then, I’ve been experimenting with a bunch of prototypes for games, and finally started work on T1 nearly a year ago.

I decided to open a game studio because the scope of T1 is much larger than anything I’ve done in the past, and there’s a very good chance I’ll be bringing on more people to help out on the development side of things.

Today, December 11, 2021, 8 Ball Studios is open for business! (psst, did you notice that the date, 12/11/21, is a palindrome and all the digits add up to 8? Well, it’s a palindrome in the date format the United States uses at least). I’m very excited to see where we go and I hope you enjoy what we do!