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Projecttoph 2

Project Toph

This is my current work in progress. It’s definitely my biggest project to date.

It’s a horror game where players must use echolocation to explore abandoned locations, gather resources and avoid monsters.

You can learn more about it by clicking the button below


T1 is a game I was developing for quite some time, but has since been put on the backburner to focus on the development of Project Toph.

T1 is a rougelite where the player uses telekinesis to explore a procedurally-generated maze of rooms, fighting enemies and collecting items. Between adventures, players can spend their hard-earned points to upgrade their “Cabin”, a hub world of sorts.



This is the first game I made. This project helped me understand Unity and learn how to code in C#.

It’s a collection of minigames inspired by old arcade games like Pong and Space Invaders. There’s also a short story mode where the player fights off a virus that is trying to take over their computer.


Call Me Camella

Call Me Camella is my debut novel. 

In 1963, Vito Russoli, a humble driver for celebrities, is hired to drive Camella Lawrence, a talented young jazz singer, from New York to Denver. However, neither of them could anticipate how the journey would transform their lives.

As they set out for their five-day road trip, the deeply divided American landscape brings their differences to the foreground. However, as the miles pass and the open road stretches before them, a bond begins to form. They share more than just the confines of a car; they share their hopes, fears, and the most intimate details of their lives.

Cmc Deluxe Cover

Smaller Games

Amu Tombolos

Amu Tombolos is a short interactive comic about the emptiness in an atom, using a metaphor of an island tribe. 

This game was a group project for a class I took, in which I was the team lead, audio designer, programmer, and Unity implementer.

Gravity Thief

This is a short platformer-shooter I made for a class. The player controls a robot trying to escape a space ship with an orb that allows them to control gravity.

Packing a Punch

This is a short shooter I made individually for a 48-hour game jam back in 2020. The player controls a survivor in a city overrun by aliens as they attempt to rescue other survivors and fight monsters.

Multimedia Art Projects


The Loneliness of Being a God

This is a song I made in Studio One 5 in 2022.

Memory Leak

This is a song I made in Studio One 5 in 2022.


This is a short song I made in Studio One 5 in 2022.

Drive Off A Bridge Remix

An artist, Jakey, released a teaser for his album. I took the song featured in the teaser and remixed it with samples from Silent Hill 2 and PT.

Water In A Wine Glass

A short song I made in FL Studio, inspired by Dire Dire Docks from Super Mario 64.

Tingling Skin

A short song I made in FL Studio.


A short song I wrote, recorded, then mixed in FL Studio.


An experimental song I made in FL Studio inspired by Chad Mossholder.

That’s also me in the picture. No, the fire was not real. 🙂

Radio Silence

This is a short song I made in FL Studio for a friend’s birthday in October 2021.


This is the first song I made in FL Studio way back in August 2020.

3D Modeling

Some stuff I made in blender and Maya.

Maya Rigging

This is a simple set of legs I rigged in Maya. The videos just show the bones.

Woman Model

This is a somewhat low-poly model of a woman I made in blender as practice.

Various Models

Television Production

Peter Klein Lecture

Position: Camera/Grip

2023 State Board of Education

Position: Camera/Grip

Boise State Congress to Campus

Position: Floor Director

The Flash Back Zone

Position: Camera/Grip

Boise State didn't publish this video. Sorry!

Boise State Presents: Bronco LEAD

Position: Floor Director

Fool's Gold Rugby 7's Tournament

Position: Camera/Grip

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