Hello again!

We’ve been up to quite a bit since the last devlog, so let’s get right to it!


We’ve been working a lot on the Cabin – mostly the customization system. Like we hoped to do last month, we got all the code for it finished! The way we wrote the code makes it super easy to add more stuff later, so what will take the longest is just making the art for it.

Last month we showed an early plan for what the layout would be. Now, it’s in the game! We made a few tweaks, but the majority of the layout is the same. Check it out!

A lot of the text is just temporary until we have the art done, but we’ve got the layout all done!

Then for comparison, here’s what the original plan looked like.

It’s really cool to be able to run around in it and just imagine what it will eventually look like, so I’m looking forward to the point where it’s done!

We’ve also recorded a bit of a showcase of how it’ll work. As of recording it, only the background and fireplace in the living room are finished, but I’m sure that by the time this comes out, we have more done. Nearly all of the art is using a placeholder, for now, we just wanted a basic idea of what each stage will eventually look like.

As of recording this, only the background and fireplace have options available. But, it’s super easy for us to add more or change what we have, so once we have the art for something, it’s a matter of minutes until it is in the game!

Also, this is not what the menus for customizing will look like upon release, it only looks like that for testing purposes.

We’ve also been working on something really fun… explosives!

We plan on having different enemies being able to throw or launch explosives at you, so we’ve been working on that! The video below shows a few different explosives we already have done: a grenade, a stick of dynamite, and a good ol’ comic-like bomb.

Explosions are fun.

I think that’s about it for what we did for T1 this month!

The Studio

We set up a Twitch! If you ever have some questions, want to see us working on T1, or just want to hang out, come join our stream! We’d love to chat and answer any questions you have.

We also set up a Linkedin page, if you’re interested in that.

Also, make sure to follow our Instagram and Twitter if you haven’t already!

Our Plan For The Next Month

We’ve all been super busy recently, and that’s likely to continue for a while so updates about T1 may not have as much. We’re really sorry about this, but there’s not much we can do. Matthew is also working on a new creative project (not related to 8 Ball Studios). It’s not as big as T1, but it will take a bit of time away from development. Hopefully we’ll be able to say more about it soon! We’re really excited for it.

Any time we have will probably consist of making a lot of art. Making more for the cabin, some new items, and probably a bit of stuff for the UI.

Hopefully, we’ll also be able to make a few new enemies! We’ve been really looking forward to making some new enemies; they’re really fun to work on.

Until next month!